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11 Tips on How to Prepare for Your Exam Like a Boss

With exams at the College pretty close on the horizon, preparation techniques are on everyone’s mind. Memory games, organization, charts, and lists: everyone’s got ideas on how to get top grades and survive the exam period.
We’ve scoured the latest research and compiled our own list of favourite points just for you.

1. Don’t leave it to the last minute and cram.
This may sound obvious, but students make this mistake over and over again. Memory works […]


Interview with Ken Falzon, Academic Manager

Ken Falzon, Academic Manager (Degree Transfer Program) at the University of Adelaide College, Adelaide, recently completed his MBA online.  He has done this while working full time at the College, and was recently promoted to manage the Degree Transfer Program at the College. The College provides a pathway for international students to enter the University of Adelaide.

You have recently completed your MBA online. Congratulations!
Yes, this degree was initially offered by Kaplan Online Higher Education (under the umbrella […]