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Student Profile: Engineering Scholarship Winner – Derek Xie

This week, we’re proud to profile one of our hard-working, talented young graduates, Derek Xie (pictured with University of Adelaide College Director, Andrew Foley, accepting his Foundation Studies Program Award). Originally from Guangzhou, China, Derek came to the College several years ago to undertake our Foundation Studies Program. Derek’s dream was to go on and study Civil and Structural Engineering at the University of Adelaide. His father is a civil engineer in China, and it was he who inspired Derek to choose this career path. READ MORE ⟩

Getting in Touch With Your Inner Mozart at the University of Adelaide

Many have argued throughout history that no education is complete without knowledge in music. These days, there’s scientific evidence that demonstrates the many benefits of both listening to and playing music when it comes to the brain’s health. Scans of musicians’ brains show that the parts responsible for motor control, auditory processing and spatial coordination are larger, as is the corpus callosum (the part of the brain which connects the two hemispheres). READ MORE ⟩

Meet the Teacher: Introducing Nigel Coombe

At the University of Adelaide College, we pride ourselves on our exceptional, hard-working teachers. Nigel Coombe is from Adelaide where his family has lived for several generations. He studied Economics at the University of Adelaide and started teaching Economics at the College in 2007. He’s well known and loved around campus, so we thought we’d ask him a few questions so the world can get to know a little about who he is. READ MORE ⟩

Student Stories: My life, my course, and how my club helps me.

Did you know that if you’re studying at the University of Adelaide College, you can join any of the clubs and societies on offer at the University of Adelaide? With more than 100 choices available, it’s a perfect opportunity to pursue an existing interest or try that activity you’ve always wanted to try. READ MORE ⟩