Exploring Adelaide

Adelaide is a world-renowned city that has something on offer for everyone. Studying here grants you access to a wide range of art, culture, food and music events. Adelaide is a busy and vibrant city wherever you go, but unlike some larger cities getting around is much quicker and easier.

A Day In Your Life As A Student In Adelaide

It’s a warm summer day. You’ve been studying hard lately, so you decide you deserve an afternoon off. As soon as class finishes, you and your new friends from the Social Club head straight to the tram stop on King William Street, a short walk from the College. In half an hour, you’re at the beach, eating gelato and splashing around in the clear water. As the sun starts to set over the ocean, you decide it’s time for some dinner. But, where to eat? Your new friends come from all over the world, and they want to try different things. There are so many different restaurants to choose from: Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, or Ethiopian, to name a few. In the end, you decide to go get some of the delicious (and cheap!) dumplings at a favourite Korean restaurant. After dinner, one of your Aussie friends suggests heading to the Garden of Unearthly Delights to see some musical acts. The Garden looks magical, lit up with lanterns, and you spend the evening talking, laughing and dancing. Years later, you’ll look back on that afternoon and smile.


Australians live an active lifestyle and love the great outdoors. Adelaide is a coastal city where pristine white sandy beaches become the focus of relaxation and recreation. For those who prefer to watch professionals in action, Adelaide’s sporting calendar is also full of major events that include cricket, soccer and AFL (Australian Rules Football). Enjoy the best of Adelaide’s sports at Adelaide Oval in the centre of town.

Adelaide has warm to hot temperatures around December – February, and mild winters around June – August.


One in five South Australians was born overseas but now calls Australia home. The people of Adelaide celebrate their city’s cultural diversity and go out of their way to welcome international students to the city. Expect to find a huge variety of flavours from around the globe in Adelaide – the bustling Central Market is a dream – a vibrant hub offering delightful colours and aromas all year round.


Known as the Festival State, South Australia hosts over four hundred festivals and events each year, resulting in more festival tickets sold in South Australia than all the other states combined. Adelaide is internationally renowned for its Fringe Festival – the world’s 2nd largest annual arts festival. More than 5,000 artists take to the stage during February and March each year and make up more than 1,100 events during the Fringe Festival!


Adelaide is a shopper’s paradise. With its exclusive boutiques, shopping malls and heritage arcades, you can find all the trending fashion you need. Rundle Street in the heart of the city centre is known for having the most shops, pubs and cafés, while Rundle Mall is home to the best department stores. Outlet shoppers can head to Harbour Town for international labels.

Easy To Get Around

Adelaide has long been known as the ‘20-minute city’, meaning getting around is easy. A well-designed city allows for easy navigation on the city’s buses, trains and trams. Not only is there free public transport in the city, but domestic student discounts apply for international students! Travelling by foot and cycling are also very popular options.

Last updated: Friday, 29 Jan 2021