University Pathway Guide

With at least three intakes per year at both our Adelaide Campus and Melbourne Campus, we offer incredible flexibility to suit your needs and provide you with program options that work for you. You can use this guide to plan your pathway to the University of Adelaide.

Visit Degree Finder for more information about the degrees available at the University of Adelaide.

● Adelaide Campus
● Melbourne Campus

* Additional admission requirements, additional English profiency testing, selection criteria and/or quotas apply to selected degrees – please contact Student Services at the University of Adelaide College for the most up to date and accurate information.

^ Students must transfer into a name Bacheor of Engineering degree at the completion of the first year of the bacheloe degree.

Some elective subjects may not be offered at every intake and are subject to demand. Students should refer to the University of Adelaide website for the full list and exact pre-requisite subjects for your preferred degree. Note: there are double degrees available.

Advanced bachelor programs are available in some disciplines dependent upon meeting the required progressive score from the College.

Last updated: Friday, 27 Aug 2021