Why Us?

Students at the University of Adelaide College receive a personal and enriching experience. Our dedicated and experienced staff are available to help our students every step of the way, from their arrival at the College to their graduation and progression into their chosen University of Adelaide program.

We provide personal support to help students achieve their best in their studies and to ensure they are comfortable in their social lives outside of the College, preparing them for university and their careers beyond.

A Part of the University

  • All students at the College are part of the University of Adelaide and have access to all the University facilities and resources.
  • Students often have the opportunity to study on campus and make the most of the university experience with access to the student union, its clubs and societies.

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University Syllabus

The College syllabus is designed with support from the University of Adelaide. Our programs combine university and bridging materials to prepare students for success in their tertiary studies.

Program standards are maintained by the University ensuring the highest academic standards and the best possible preparation.

Individual Attention

Students at the College receive a greater focus from staff on their success and well-being. Our class sizes are much smaller than those in your typical university which allows our academic staff to deliver more effective lessons. Smaller class sizes also allow for our staff to provide individual guidance so all of our students get the best support to meet their career goals and go on to fulfil their potential at the University.

A Pathway to Success

The College provides an engaging, caring and academically stimulating environment that will prepare students for a successful transition to the University of Adelaide.
Our guidance and support has been crucial to the success of hundreds of students in reaching their academic goal of studying an undergraduate degree with many going on to achieve their career ambitions following graduation.

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