7 Checks to Format Your Australian CV

If you’ve just started looking for work in Australia, taking the time to format your CV to match local expectations, can make all the difference to a prospective employer. So, before you hit send on your application, make sure you check off our 7 tips for formatting your Australian CV: 1. More than one page is fine for CVs in Australia (within reason!) In the US and many European countries, job applicants are encouraged to limit their CV to just one page, even if they have several pages [...] READ MORE ⟩

What are the highest paying jobs in Australia?

If you’re thinking of coming to Australia for work or study, you may be wondering what jobs rank as the highest paying in Australia, what degrees they require and what pathways are available to those degrees. After all, studying at university is an investment, and although pursuing a fulfilling career should naturally be your leading motivator, it’s still a good idea to familiarise yourself with the job market and set your expectations. Here are some of the highest paying jobs in Australia and degree [...] READ MORE ⟩