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Your guide to Australian culture and slang

What comes to mind when you think about Australia? Beaches? Hot weather? Kangaroos and Koalas? Shrimps on the BBQ?   Are there any words you hear Australians using a lot that you do not understand? Here’s your guide to Australian culture and slang.   AUSTRALIAN CULTURE Question: Does Australia have a lot of beaches? Answer: Yes.   Australia is a continent, with 50,000km of coastline [...] READ MORE ⟩

5 stages of culture shock – and how to deal with them

Culture shock is a natural response to the new situation you are in. Moving to a new country is one of the most rewarding but challenging experiences a person can go through. It will test your patience, confidence and resilience. Many international students go through culture shock, so you are not alone. There are good support networks at university that can help you settle into a new location, new culture, and new learning environment. READ MORE ⟩

Top 10 things to see or do in Adelaide

Adelaide is the perfect study destination. It is an educational hub within a calm, social and culturally diverse atmosphere. Here are my recommendations for the Top 10 things you must see or do while studying in Adelaide. READ MORE ⟩