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Top 3 ways to improve student wellbeing at college

If someone asked you what college life is about, what comes to mind? Lectures and tutorials? Assignments, exams and getting good grades?   Although those things are important, there is more to college life than just the pursuit of academic achievements. It is a place where you get to meet people from all around the world giving you opportunities to gain new perspectives in life. It is a time of making new friends, exploring the local community, learning how to take care [...] READ MORE ⟩

Top 6 Business jobs in Australia

You have an interest in Business but perhaps you are asking yourself:  What jobs can I get with a business degree? Why should I study a business degree? In this blog, we will list the Top 6 Business jobs in Australia and why a business degree is worth your time and investment.  READ MORE ⟩

Meet our University pathways student: Jonathan Liew

From growing up in Singapore with a phobia of the dentist’s chair to studying a Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University of Adelaide, Jonathan Liew has come a long way to put a smile on people’s faces. For Jonathan, the Foundation Studies Program at the University of Adelaide College was not only a direct pathway to his dream degree, it helped to sharpen his English and learn to think critically, something which he’s found a career in dentistry demands. READ MORE ⟩