Cambodian student, Marady, graduated from the College in 2019 and has gone on to study a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Adelaide.

Here he shares his first impressions of Adelaide and the College, his experience of studying the Foundation Studies Program, and how it helped prepare him for life as a University of Adelaide student.

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What did you like about studying at the College?

Having very supportive and awesome teachers, making new friends from different backgrounds, and going to events that were organised by the College to help us understand more about Australia were some of the best things.

First impression of Australia?

I love the environment, it’s not too fast-paced or too slow. I enjoy the nature and people are very friendly.

First impression of Adelaide?

I enjoyed visiting the wineries around Adelaide, the zoo, museum, parks and going on hikes. I also like that there’s so many festivals always going on, such as the Adelaide Fringe.

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Do you remember your first day?

Yes, I remember I was shy and nervous when I first arrived! At orientation, we played a fun game called Friends Bingo, which helped me settle in and relax. The day was well organised and fun, and it was structured to help everyone make new friends.

Did you experience any challenges when you first arrived?

I did experience challenges, but I was able to quickly adapt thanks to supporting from the College staff and all the College events that were held. My thoughts on this are that you need to accept that it’s OK to be outside your comfort zone. Home is home and will always be there, but if you stay in one spot you will miss a lot of opportunities to grow.

How did you manage academically?

To be completely honest it was hard in the first semester as I was not used to the education system in Australia, however, I improved over time. I think participating in class is important and just asking questions, so you feel more confident about how to approach your assignments.

How do you think your pathway program helped you?

It really helped me to build a foundation for university study. As an international student, I was able to learn about the Australian education system to prepare me for assignments, self-study, marking style, referencing, becoming aware of plagiarism and much more.

Any tips for new college students?

My top tips would include…

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to work on your assignments
  • Work hard, but work smart
  • Take the time to make friends, it will make your experience so much fuller
  • Take every opportunity to make the most of your experience at the College because you only stay here for a year

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