8 Tips on How to Make Friends at Uni in Australia

Studying a pathway course at the University of Adelaide College is already a great way to make new friends as you transition to university life. The smaller and more close-knit community is a welcoming and inclusive environment where you can get to know students from all over the world before moving on together to study at the University of Adelaide. READ MORE ⟩

5 Stages of Culture Shock (and How to Deal with Them!)

You’ve been planning your move abroad for a long time, and now you’ve finally arrived! It’s an exciting time, and you know that this experience is going to be life-changing. So, why do you find yourself feeling a bit depressed, irritable and low in energy? READ MORE ⟩

The Go-To Guide for Parents of International Students

You’re probably worried and excited for them, all at the same time. But, don’t be concerned. At the University of Adelaide College, we see hundreds of international students successfully adapt to their new lives every year and move on to study their dream degree at university. READ MORE ⟩