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Top things to see and do in Adelaide on a budget

Adelaide is a planned city, surrounded by nature and delivers great food, culture and entertainment. Although the living costs in Adelaide are relatively lower than other Australian cities, prices still have risen. Fortunately, the city of Adelaide has plenty of free and low-cost activities for you to enjoy.   Here are the top things to see and do in Adelaide on a budget.    1. Take a tour of the city on a tram  In the Adelaide city centre, you can [...] READ MORE ⟩

How to succeed academically in university

Studying in university will be different from studying in high school. You go from managed learning to learning independently, from a set schedule to a flexible timetable, and if you’re moving out of home, you will need to take care of yourself while managing your finances and balancing study and work.  You will need to adjust to several things within a new learning environment to achieve good marks. Academic success at university is not just about achieving good grades, it is [...] READ MORE ⟩

The Australian learning environment

If you’re coming to Australia to study a pathway program (before you enter university), you may be asking yourself: What is the teaching style like in Australia? Is the teaching formal or informal? Lecture style or discussion style? Mainly individual assessments or team projects? You may find that the way you learned in high school will be different to the way you will be taught in Australia. But don’t worry, the lecturers and the student support team on campus will help [...] READ MORE ⟩

Top 3 ways to improve student wellbeing at college

If someone asked you what college life is about, what comes to mind? Lectures and tutorials? Assignments, exams and getting good grades?   Although those things are important, there is more to college life than just the pursuit of academic achievements. It is a place where you get to meet people from all around the world giving you opportunities to gain new perspectives in life. It is a time of making new friends, exploring the local community, learning how to take care [...] READ MORE ⟩

Top 6 Business jobs in Australia

You have an interest in Business but perhaps you are asking yourself:  What jobs can I get with a business degree? Why should I study a business degree? In this blog, we will list the Top 6 Business jobs in Australia and why a business degree is worth your time and investment.  READ MORE ⟩

Your guide to Australian culture and slang

What comes to mind when you think about Australia; beaches, hot weather, kangaroos, koalas and shrimps on the BBQ? We have a selection of common slang words you may like to learn. READ MORE ⟩
Last updated: Wednesday, 14 Jun 2023