Adelaide Farmers’ Markets

Over the last three decades, Australia has become internationally renowned as one of the world’s leading producer of fresh food. Meat, vegetables, fruit, cheese and dairy, wine; you name it, we’re making it in bulk and of the finest quality. READ MORE ⟩

Don’t Panic! A Guide to Coping With Stress as a Student

Student life can be hard at times. You're juggling a lot of different commitments, studying for exams, working part time and meeting all your deadlines. You're expected to work and research independently and you're learning lots of new things all at once. You're so focused on getting good grades that anxiety creeps up on you. Suddenly, you feel like everything is getting a bit out of control. Don't panic! We've compiled a step-by-step guide to help you cope with stress and get your student life back in line. READ MORE ⟩

11 Tips on How to Prepare for Your Exam Like a Boss

With exams at the College pretty close on the horizon, preparation techniques are on everyone’s mind. Memory games, organization, charts, and lists: everyone’s got ideas on how to get top grades and survive the exam period. READ MORE ⟩

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help: Lessons from the College’s Resource Coodinator, Phillipa Goode

If you head to the Student Resource Centre at UoAC, you’ll meet Phillipa Goode. As a Learning Support Teacher and Resource Coordinator, she’s there most of the time; ordering course books, teaching English or helping students with assignments. If you get chatting to Phillipa, you’ll discover she’s had quite an international life. READ MORE ⟩

Student Ambassador Profile: Clarence Ming Zhi Chua

As a fresh graduate from the University of Adelaide College, I took up the challenge to become one of the student ambassadors for the year 2017/2018. It is definitely an honour and pleasure to be given the opportunity to meet and welcome new international or domestic students on behalf of the College. READ MORE ⟩

College Student to be StudyAdelaide Student Ambassador

In early February, StudyAdelaide launched the ‘Experience Australia with us in Adelaide’ social media campaign. The #myadelaide campaign features a sneak peek into what a day in the life of their StudyAdelaide Student Ambassadors looks like READ MORE ⟩