What the Top Health Sciences Courses at the University of Adelaide Are and How to Get Into Them

The University of Adelaide has consistently ranked in the top 1% of the world’s universities. It’s no wonder that demand continues to increase for some of our University’s exceptional courses, in particular in their Health Sciences programs. In 2017 the University of Adelaide opened its $246 million state-of-the-art Health and Medical Sciences Building in the SA Health and Biomedical Precinct. Combined with new teaching styles and the latest technologies in health education and considering there’s a shortage of workers in these areas, now (more than ever before) is the time to enrol in a Health Sciences degree at the University of Adelaide. READ MORE ⟩

What’s on over Christmas in Adelaide

A whole year has passed, again. Christmas comes back around very quickly. Fortunately for us in Adelaide, the month of December brings with it a whole lot of little presents for your Christmas calendar. READ MORE ⟩

Getting in Touch With Your Inner Mozart at the University of Adelaide

Many have argued throughout history that no education is complete without knowledge in music. These days, there’s scientific evidence that demonstrates the many benefits of both listening to and playing music when it comes to the brain’s health. Scans of musicians’ brains show that the parts responsible for motor control, auditory processing and spatial coordination are larger, as is the corpus callosum (the part of the brain which connects the two hemispheres). READ MORE ⟩